Hi, Tracy-

Yep, the whole thing went through without a hitch, and was funded two weeks ago. Ev was very enjoyable to work with as was Mattie, the Notary who oversaw the final signing of papers.

We are very pleased with the experience, and we thank you for your part in it. I will thank Tony for referring us to you, and I will most certainly refer anyone looking for a reverse mortgage to you without a question.

Best Regards,

Parker & Syl B.

Thank you Tracy

I also wanted to Thank you for not giving up on us. I mean I almost said for get it myself. I never realized how much hard work is involved in buying a home. One good thing came out of this and that is keep your credit in good standards for everything to go smoothly.

Yes, we are extremely happy with our new home. Thanks again.

Elizabeth C.

Thanks again for everything Tracy, my husband and I appreciate your professionalism, integrity, and expediency in handling our file. I have plenty of your business cards on hand, and you know that I have your office and cell numbers memorized, also thanks for the movie tickets, and I will keep my ears opened for referrals, thanks again!!!

Kim C.